Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Translator Beware!

Unfortunately, translators are targets for scammers. I don’t know exactly why that is, but I suspect that one reason may be that it’s easier to target us because we advertise our services in so many public directories (we have to get ourselves out there somehow)!
Sadly, translators are had by these tricksters all the time and they end up working for free, or worse. Since no one likes to work for free, and none of us want to end up bamboozled in any way, I have created some simple and adorkable math equations to help you determine if you’re probably being scammed:
Scammers image 1
Scammers image 2
Scammers image 3
Scammers image 4
Scammers image 5
Scammers image 6
Basically, it is important to use both common sense and your gut instinct when working with potential new clients. Does the situation just not add up right? Do you not feel comfortable with the potential new client? If either is the case, don’t take the job. It’s very difficult to resist the urge to take ANY job that comes your way, especially if you’re a new freelancer or if you’re experiencing a dry spell in your business, but you don’t want to take a project to your detriment.